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  Our Mission
  Our mission is to support the academic excellence of Cole R-1 School District by providing learning opportunities for students, teachers, and administrators through private donations and gifts.
  Our Vision
  Our vision is to enhance learning opportunities for the students of the Cole R-1 School District.
    Who Are We? Board of Directors

The Russellville School Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization (pending tax exemption status) that will provide supplemental funding to support academic excellence for students, teachers and school administrators of the Cole R-1 School District..

The Foundation will award grants to fund educational projects and school activities that may not otherwise be supported by the school district due to limited financial resources.

The Foundation also supports programs and initiatives that align with the Cole R-1 School District’s priorities.

  • Larry Bishop
  • Don Fahrni
  • Dan Linhardt
  • Judy Price
  • Kathy Koestner
    Frequently Asked Questions We Are Searching For Our Founding 50 Donors!

Question: Why does Cole R-1 School District need a Foundation?
Answer: The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funding for worthwhile programs and events that are beyond the scope of the general operating budget of the school system.

Founding Donors are alumni, community citizens, or businesses who make a $1,000 donation to initially support the Foundation’s initiatives.

Founding Donors will be forever named as the ones who started the foundation.

How CanI Help?

Make a donation to the Russellville School Foundation (RSF).

Consider one of the following options:

  • Be a FOUNDING DONOR, make a $1,000 donation (multi-payments acceptable).
  • Make a donation in any amount.

Designate your donation.

Donations can be a gift:

  • To honor a person or
  • In memory of a person.

Question: How does the Foundation work with the Board of Education?
Answer: The Foundation and the Board of Education are two separate entities working toward the same goal: the betterment of our schools. However, in order to ensure communication between both Boards, the Superintendent and a school board member will serve as non-voting members of the Foundation Board.


Question: How will the Foundation spend money?
Answer: Educators will complete an application which will provide the information for the Foundation Board to make a decision on the funding projects.


Question: How do I make a pledge to the Foundation?
Answer: To make a pledge, fill out a pledge form and send it to:

Russellville School Foundation
7214 Meadows Ford Spur
Lohman, MO 65053